Precision Hunter

Course description:

We designed the precision hunter course specifically for you, the rifle hunter.  This course is designed to give you the edge the next time you take to the field in pursuit of game with your rifle.  There’s no special equipment involved; you bring your rifle, and your hunting gear and we’ll show you how to squeeze as much potential out of it, as well as yourself.  Here you’ll learn the fundamentals of marksmanship, how to use your scope, understand basic external ballistics, and how to build shooting positions under realistic field conditions.

Pre Requisites:

None, but you’ll be expected to possess a basic understanding of firearms safety and a willingness to learn.

What you'll learn:

  • Rifle Set-Up and Accessories.
  • Telescopic Sight Theory and Operation.
  • Basic Angular Units of Measure (Minutes of Angle and Milradians).
  • Basic External Ballistics and Ballistic Computers.
  • Understanding Ballistic Drop Compensated Turrets and Reticles.
  • Reading Atmospheric Conditions and Wind.
  • Field Shooting Positions.
  • Establishing Ranges to Targets.
  • Terminal Ballistics and Bullet Composition.
  • How to know your limitations.

The gear

As we mentioned in the description, there’s no specialized equipment required.  We want you to show up with the gear you use to hunt with so you can learn the in’s and out’s of it, along with yourself while you’re with us.  You might find that your equipment works well, or you might find that you need to make some adjustments.  It’s always better to recognize those flaws while you train for the shot of a lifetime than it is when the moment of truth arrives.

Must haves

  • A hunting rifle in safe working condition with a functioning mechanical safety. 
  • 200 Rounds of your hunting ammunition.  (See the ammunition and reloading policy page for details.) 
  • A rifle scope that is mounted to the rifle with quality equipment. 
    • Instructions on the optics’ reticle and mechanics are beneficial, as well as the proper tools associated with adjusting your optic. 
  • Bipod (Preferably with the ability to adjust and lock the left/right cant of the rifle.) Rear shooting support, also known as a "rear bag". 
  • A rifle sling with the ability to mount the sling to the rifle. 
  • Backpack, or bag to carry your range equipment. 
  • Note taking material, to include fine-point colored Sharpie permanent markers.
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather.  We will shoot in any and all weather conditions.
  • Hydrating device along with plenty of water. 
  • Lunch for all training days. 

Nice-to-have, but not necessary

  • Spotting Scope.
  • Tripod with adjustable head.  
  • Shooting sticks, or hiking poles.  
  • Shooting mat. 
  • Ballistic computer.  (We recommend Applied Ballistics Mobile) 
  • Kestrel Wind Meter. 
  • Laser range finder. 
  • Spare magazines. (If your rifle is capable.) 
  • Anti-cant device mounted to your rifle, or rifle scope.

Additional notes on the course:

The Precision Hunter course is designed to be an entry-level precision rifle course.  You should expect low activity levels, and you’ll always be within walking distance of your vehicle.