Backcountry Hunter's Course

5 Days


Magpul CORE and Guiderite Adventures have collaborated to deliver the ultimate instruction for the hunter that wants to push beyond the status quo and undertake ado-it-yourself backcountry backpack-hunting trip.  The backcountry hunter’s course is designed to provide you with all the necessary skills to safely and (hopefully) successfully fill your tag in the solitude of the wilderness. You’ll spend two days on the range receiving instruction on practical field shooting skills under the Magpul CORE Precision Hunter course.  Upon completion of the range time you’ll spend three days and two nights in the backcountry of the Washington Cascade Mountains learning all the skills needed to assist you in the successful undertaking of a do-it-yourself backcountry hunt.

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Wilderness Navigator

2 Days


This course is designed for anyone looking to learn the skills that it takes to navigate by map and compass in the wilderness. Using a systematic approach, we will introduce you to the lifetime skill of orienteering. As your confidence grows, you will be continuously challenged to move longer distances with more precision, thus increasing your sense of independence in the wilderness. Whether you an outdoor professional, competitive adventure racer or just someone looking for the freedom of knowing where you are in the backcountry, this course will give your skills to never get lost again. 

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