Ammo & Handload Policy

Ammo & Handload Policy

This policy is meant to provide you with guidelines for selecting the proper ammunition for our precision rifle course, as well as provide you with our policy on using hand-loaded ammunition.  


Match Ammunition:

Match ammunition is required for our precision rifle courses because it is significantly more consistent with its performance at extended ranges.  While attempting to extract every last bit of potential from your rifle and yourself, using non-match ammunition will only result in inconsistencies, and ultimately frustration.

A note of caution; we don’t recommend the use of the Sierra .30 caliber 168 grain Matchking bullet for the long range precision rifle courses.  Due to its construction, this bullet is inherently unstable at distances beyond 600-700 meters and is therefore inconsistent.  

  • Designated Marksman course students:  This is a completely acceptable projectile for you to use at our designated marksman course if you select a 7.62mm rifle.  

This is not to say that all other .30 caliber 168 grain projectiles fall into the above statement.  Bullets from Berger, Barnes, etc. are all excellent performers.


Handloading Policy:

We understand that many of our customers prefer to handload their own ammunition.  This is an excellent way to extract every last bit of performance from your rifle, if done correctly.  If you choose to handload your own ammunition, you must be aware of the following points:

  • Magpul CORE is in no way responsible for degraded performance of poorly or improperly loaded ammunition, and no refunds will be given in the event the student is not able to complete the course due to ammunition that is deemed unsafe, or fails to perform to an acceptable degree of accuracy.
  • The student accepts all responsibility for the performance of their ammunition, good or bad.
  • Ammunition that is loaded so that the rifle must be fired in order to extract and eject an unfired cartridge will be deemed unsafe, and will not be permitted for use at the course. (IE; “jamming” bullets into the lands.)


Additional Notes:

The Yakima, WA range is an un-groomed field type range.  Blowing dust, grit, and grass will be a constant accompaniment to you day, and as such, it will be finding its way into your equipment and your rifle.  This is an excellent opportunity to identify any flaws in your equipment in adverse conditions, but at the same time considerations must be made beforehand such as:

  • Neck sized cases WILL result in stuck cases, which could very easily deadline your rifle and end your training.  Please either full-length size your cases, or at an absolute minimum, bump shoulders back to permit hassle-free function.