Tactics Info

Tactics Info


Magpul Core offers the same course customization as we do for our military and law enforcement clients to your civilian group.  We have quite a bit of experience designing course curriculums that are tailored to fit your needs.  We know that there is no one course that works for every group, so with that in mind we will work closely with you training coordinator in order to provide you with the best possible training solution.  Additionally, all of standard platform focused training is available to be booked at your facility for your private group.  Some examples of private group tactics training we can provide are:


  1. Small Unit Tactics, urban or rural environments. 
  2. Tactical Tracking Operations
  3. CQB
  4. Home Defense
  5. Night Operations
  6. Wilderness Survival 
  7. Tactical Driving Skills
  8. Maritime or Amphibious Skills
  9. Medical Training
  10. High Adventure



1. How much do these tactics courses cost?

a. Typically they cost $200-$250 per day per student.  Course dependent

2. Who schedules the facility to be used?

a. You do.  It can be private or public, and we will work with you to ensure that the facility will meet your needs.

3. How many students do we need in our group to make this happen?

a. That depends on the course.  Generally, around 10-12 for tactics courses is what makes sense.  We can work with smaller numbers too, just send the training manager an email at CCARROLL@Magpul.com.  

4. How far out can we schedule this course?

a. We would like to get your private custom course on the books ASAP.  6 months is a good lead-time, but our schedule is pretty tight and often we are booked a year in advance.

5. What kind of equipment will we need? 

a. Your instructor staff will send you a required gear list once we get the ball rolling.  We have experience working everything from 3rd world guerillas to top tier assets.  We will respect your budget constraints and gear availability will not prohibit you from reaching your goals. 


For a custom course quote send Cody an email at CCARROLL@magpul.com.