Military and Law Enforcement Info

Military and Law Enforcement Info


Magpul Core offers a variety of training courses to military and law enforcement personnel.   We can offer standard off the shelf style courses for your department, unit or agency or we can build a custom course specific to your needs.  We have the ability to have courses POST certified as well and if that is required by your chain of command, we will make that happen for you.  Some examples of courses that we have conducted for Law Enforcement Agencies and Military units are:


  1. Law Enforcement Sniper, Basic and Advanced
  2. M107 50 Caliber Rifle Operator
  3. Law Enforcement Sniper Instructor
  4. FN SCAR Operator
  5. CQB for Law Enforcement
  6. Night Operations
  7. Vehicle Assault Course
  8. Urban Sniper
  9. Jungle Operations
  10. Combat Tracking Operations




1. How much does it cost to run a MIL/LE course?

a. Location dependent, but $200-$250 a day per student per day.  

2. How many students can you train at once?

a. That depends on the course.  For firearms training we maintain a 6:1, student instructor ratio, but for tactics we can go up to 15:1.  

3. How does my unit purchase training?

a. We can take direct payments via an impact card up to your maximum limit.  For larger contracts, your S-3/S-4 rep will be your subject matter expert.

4. I’m in the military/I’m a cop, do you have a special rate for me?  

a. Yes, send an email with your creds (ID, etc) with “MIL/LE CREDS FOR TRAINING” in the subject line AFTER you make your initial deposit on your course purchase.  A 20% discount for the course will be applied once the balance is paid.  

5. We need to purchase equipment to use at this course.  Can we add that in somehow?

a. Yes it’s not a problem.  Send the training manager an email and he will get you going in the right direction.  


If you have any questions about getting a custom course set up for your military, or LE agency contact Cody at with “MILITARY/LE COURSE” in the subject line.  Thank you, and we look forward to working with you.