Tactical Casualty Care

Course description:

Magpul Tactical Casualty Care applies US Special Operations Tactical Combat Casualty Care Standards, and concepts. This course is applicable to all tactical levels, from professional operator, to civilians who are always prepared and ready for anything. Taught by experienced Special Operations Medical personnel, with emphasis on Care Under Fire and implementing real world based scenario situations. Come away with a solid base TCCC knowledge, and treatment intervention skills. Become a force multiplyer within your unit, company or family.

What you'll learn:

Students will learn how to stop life threatening external hemorrhages, apply tourniquets, control sources of bleeding, manage airways, and assess trauma patients in emergency situations.  Training will be conducted in a controlled environment using simulated blood and props, with varying degrees of stress through different scenarios.  

Equipment Needed

Equipment Needed

  • Appropriate outdoor clothing for the weather.

  • A set of clothing that you don’t mind getting destroyed.  This clothing will be used to simulate casualties and will likely be cut, torn and covered in fake blood.


All students will receive a custom Magpul IFAK.