Basic Tracking

Course description:

Magpul is pleased to announce that it will be offering a Basic Tracking Course. This course is open to all civilians, search and rescue, law enforcement, and military personnel interested in learning or enhancing their tracking skills. This is fast paced, fun, and dynamic tracking course designed to train personnel’s visual perception and cognitive abilities to detect, analyze, and follow visual cues created by the passage or movement of humans or game mammals. Students will be able to; identify and interpret footwear impression, prints, and action indicators; follow ground and aerial sign; identify clues and indicators associated with the person or animal being sought; methods to collect and process the information; techniques to follow and close with the person(s) or animal pursued.

This training is ideal for outdoor enthusiast, sportsmen, professional guides, search and rescue, law enforcement, and military personnel interested in enhancing their situational awareness, primal skills, fieldcraft, or operational effectiveness.

Pre Requisites:

Must be in good physical condition and able to walk 4 - 8 miles per day for four continuous days over varied terrain cross country. 

What you'll learn:

  • During this training we will cover, but limited to teaching students:

  • Basic tracking techniques, and procedures
  • Footprint and gait analysis
  • Track and activity interpretation
  • Scanning techniques
  • Ground and aerial sign visual indicators
  • Aging tracks and sign
  • Search and sign recovery techniques
  • Tracking flow drills
  • Individual and small element tracking techniques
  • Terrain profiling and predictive analyses


    The intended end state of this course is to enhance students visual acuity abilities and provide them with the fundamental skills and techniques to; physically track humans, animals, or vehicles through rural environments; establish a subject profile; conduct predictive analysis of subjects route selection and potential destination.        



    Students will gain or enhance their visual sensing and tracking skills which can be utilizing for a variety of rural activities or operations.


    Enhanced Situational Awareness

  • Detect changes in the natural state of environment
  • Recognizing tracks and sign created by human or fauna activity
  • Identify sign and indicators associated with dangerous fauna or other threats

    Visual Tracking Capabilities

  • Establish and follow tracks and sign
  • Conclusively link tracks and sign to the subject of interest
  • Close the time-distance gap with subject
  • Find and fix the position of the subject of interest

    Civilian Applications

  • Increase environmental awareness
  • Locate and identify tracks of fauna 
  • Follow tracks and sign of game mammals
  • Conduct predictive analyses of game mammals movement patterns
  • Identify human activity in rural areas

    Operational Applications

  • Analyze and process incident site
  • Identify key prints of person of interested 
  • Link footwear impressions to physical evidence or incident site
  • Follow or pursuit person of interest
  • Utilize skills for SAR or personnel recovery

Equipment Needed

Equipment Needed

There will be extensive field work as part of this course.  90% of the course is conducted in the field.  Each attendee will need to bring the following (at a minimum)

  • Boots; broken in ready for field use.
  • Headgear; soft cover, cap, etc.
  • Cold weather/rain gear
  • Canteens, Camelback, etc.
  • Compass
  • Binoculars (8x power) for handheld and supported use.
  • GPS
  • Day Pack
  • Sunscreen
  • First Aid Kit for personal use
  • Tape Measure


Optional Items:

  • Whistle
  • Signal Mirror
  • Digital Camera
  • Scarf, sniper veil, netting, etc.
  • Field gloves
  • Trekking stick