About Core

About Core


"The definition of adventure is to engage in an exciting and usually dangerous behavior.  To plunge head first into the unknown and to rely only on one's self while negotiating the onslaught of hazard."


Magpul Core is not just the title of an organization or a business model; it’s a mindset, a way of thinking and quite simply the way we live.   We live the lives that many wish they could, but they struggle to find the time, lack the skills, or make any number of excuses to not get off the couch and step into life’s arena.   If you can make time for us, we will teach you the skills needed for your journey.


Our mission at Magpul Core is to serve as the development, testing, evaluation, and training arm of our parent company Magpul Industries Corp.  The leadership has entrusted us at Core to project the values and principles that have made this company great.   This way of life is the Magpul Life.  


The members of Magpul Core are renaissance men, but as individuals, they are very different from each other.  Our team is strong mentally, physically and spiritually, but our true strength lies in our diversity.  This diversity allows flexibility in the way we think, the way we operate, and the way that we influence others to live their lives outside the cookie cutter, 9 to 5  suburban malaise. 


Everyone has challenges in their lives.  Decision points come daily and your destiny is shaped by the choices you make.  The endstate is bifurcated, you can either suffer the pain of regret and lost opportunities or you can deal with the physical pain from your time in the arena.  What will people say about you when you’re gone?  What did you do that mattered during your time on earth? Life is not about sitting on the couch and watching someone else live your dreams, life is about living, come join us.


Magpul Core

Tray, Cody, John, and the gang